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Joan Schnelzauer's Giraffe Obsession: A Tale of Intrigue and Wonder

Long before the era of the internet, there existed eccentricities and curiosities that piqued the interest of individuals. One such peculiarity is the intriguing narrative of Joan Schnelzauer and her obsession with giraffes. This enchanting tale is a blend of enchantment, curiosity, and a deep-seated fascination with these majestic creatures. The Genesis of an Uncommon Obsession Joan Schnelzauer is a name that many may not be familiar with. However, to the giraffe enthusiast community, it is a (joan schnelzauer giraffe) [...] – The Most Accurate European Aurora Forecast Center

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Cruising around the Balearic Islands by boat

Cruising around the Balearic Islands by boat
When we hear' Balearic' we instantly believe of that typical environment where we would all like to be: coves lapped by the turquoise Mediterranean waters surrounded by trees where you just want time to stand still. To tell the truth, Mallorca, Minorca, Ibiza and Formentera (the archipelago's largest islands) are tailor-made to enjoy the weather, ocean and sailing. The islands are not just beaches. In reality, UNESCO has included the island of Ibiza and its culture and the cultural (boat rental ibiza) [...]