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Leader platform for private hire of boats, Samboat offers more than 6,000 boats for rent in France and Europe. To rent a boat at a lower cost or to make your own boat profitable, a relationship between owners and tenants safely ... Then take a look at their website here for more information.

An effective way to use the rental service

More than 42% of users connect to the site using a smartphone or tablet. With this in mind, Samboat wanted to facilitate the use of its service from all media. More mobility is also a greater reactivity, favoring last minute rentals that multiply with the summer holidays. People who are not yet registered on can also create their account directly on the application.

Make yachting accessible to the greatest number

With this concept of "boat sharing", Samboat wants to give meaning to the 900,000 boats registered in Europe, used on average less than 10 days a year. In a desire to democratize pleasure, Samboat offers boats 30% cheaper than the traditional system. In addition, the service is open to people who do not have the skills to navigate by proposing two new offers: renting at the dock, to spend an unusual night on a boat dock, or rental with skipper, to spend a day at sea with an experienced navigator.

How does it work?

Owners add their boat for free on and provide all information related to their boat and the price and dates of the rental. They have complete control of their offer. Potential tenants interested can then come into contact with him. Once the rental is paid online, they meet the owner and his boat for handing over the keys. A few technical and touristic tips later, the renter can start sailing!

So, the collaborative economy has become a mode of consumption that affects all areas and Samboat has invested that of sailing.

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